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I'm Charles
And I'm a Front End developer

Hi! my name is Charles Marcelo, I was born December 29, 2007, and I am from the Philippines since I'm a teenager I was trying now to learn to develop and design websites. And I’m a Front End Developer, Gamer, and Student Fun fact is I still play games.

  • Name: Charles / hatry4
  • Birthday: 12/29/2007
  • Country: Philippines
  • Language: Fil/En
  • Freelance: Available
  • Course: Full Stack Dev (IT)

      My Hobbies

    • Coding
    • Gaming
    • Basketball
    • Cycling
    • Anime
    • Social Media
    • Music
    • Hangout

my skills

What My Programming
Language Skills and Tools?

I use a lot of language for programming and more, and this language and tools are the favorites that I use to create some projects for my skills.

JavaScript 0 %
Html 0 %
Css 0 %
NodeJs 0 %

PHP 0 %
Sass 0 %
Bash 0 %
Yaml 0 %

1+ Year of Experience
With Many Experiences!

I have been developing websites and discord bot for 1 year and i know for sure that i can reach full stack developer, I have been a learner and a reliable developer partner for projects. You will get a decent result as you expect.


What Possible
Things That can i do?

I can do possible things like discord bots and enhance your website, I can do anything but not all using my little developer talent and more things you requested to I do


    I will Create or Re-Design your website, Everything is customizable, Just tell me what you want And I'll pretty much do it for you, and if you Want to add it with functions ill will do my best for it.

    Discord Bot

    It can be anything type of discord bot that I can do any features but not all, Limited to 1 server only because it's not a public bot for the discord community.

    Web Designer

    I'll Design your website like a pro but not that much, but ill try my best to design your website and edit a lot of things that what on your website using my skills.


    Get in touch, and send me a message!

    To get support, fill up the form and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

    "Developer is organism that turns coffee to code."

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